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At Magellan Health, we want to make a difference in people’s lives – especially yours, our MFLCs. We value our direct working relationship with you and we believe sharing information about our workplace is critical to maintaining that relationship. Here you’ll find information about your Magellan benefits, your company’s history with MFLCs, and more to help us work together to achieve our mission.

News & Updates

Magellan Advocates for MFLCs’ Face-to-Face Hours

Important Performance Work Statement Change – August 7, 2019

The government has issued an important contract modification that made a significant change to the work expectations of MFLC. In the initial MFLC-3 performance work statement, the government indicated that they had an expectation that MFLCs would on average perform 5 hours of face-to-face non-medical counseling in each 8-hour day as well as 3 hours of ancillary activities. Magellan leadership advocated with the government that that level of productivity was not achievable and simply could not be achieved on a consistent basis. Thankfully, the government listened and responded by lowering the expectation of average daily face-to-face non-medical counseling time down from 5 hours to 4 hours. We are continuing to seek clarification from the government regarding the expectation of ancillary activities and are hopeful to see some changes regarding either the amount of ancillary time per day and/or the kind of activities that can be coded as ancillary activities.